Quebec's Far North

Our team works everywhere in Quebec, but our company is particularly distinguished by its expertise in Quebec’s Far North. We are proud to be able to help the most isolated communities. As such, we are always looking for competent and dedicated staff to help on a daily basis. We also offer Expanded role training, in addition to several other courses so you can go on this adventure with confidence!

Advantages of Working With Groupe Santé IPA

Rest assured that at Groupe Santé IPA, our employees are our pride! It’s important for us to ensure that you have all the tools to make your work safe and enjoyable. This is why we are available 24/7 to answer any questions or address any emergencies you may have in your work. We also offer:

- Very Competitive Salary
- Daily Allowance
- Accommodation Provided
- Relocation Assistance and Reimbursement
- Pension Fund
- Advanced Training
- Permit Reimbursement (under certain conditions)
- Short or long-term placement
- Work/Life Balance
- And much more.

Why Choose to Work in Northern Regions?

When we think about the North, we often associate it with arctic temperatures and lots of snow! However, Quebec’s Far North has so much more to offer! The communities there are welcoming and unique. Our employees live new experiences, see amazing landscapes you normally only see on postcards, and they create memories that will last forever!

Everyone is different. Some people work in Quebec’s Far North on a short-term contract because they want adventure. Others fall in love with the community and stay for long-term placement. Either way, you will come home happy and proud of the work you did.

You will find photos below taken by our employees during their various contracts with us. A picture is worth a thousand words!

Professional Requirements

Nurses and licensed practical nurses must have a valid permit from their professional association, as well as their bachelor's degree or collegial programs completed. Orderlies must also have completed their required course. All employees must also have a valid CPR certification in order to work with us.

Each region in Quebec has specific requirements for their healthcare practitioners. Groupe Santé IPA can help guide you and ensure you have all the right training needs to embark on new career opportunities and adventure.


Do you have a busy schedule? We are happy to schedule your interview outside of normal business hours to accommodate you. In addition, everything can be done by videoconference. It’s a great opportunity to chat and learn more about you, your interests and to answer all of your questions!

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